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Is Meta Movers Insured?

Of course we are! We are fully insured, the truck is insured, your possessions are insured. Forbid we cause any damage to your house, apartment, or building during a move, we are insured for that as well.   

Is Meta Movers Licenced?

Yep! Meta Movers is licensed with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission, PUC No. A-8922343.

Do I Need to Take My Bed Apart?

Your bed and at times other pieces of furniture may need disassembly to fit down staircases and out of doors. We carry a basic tool kit and will gladly disassemble and reassemble any furniture for you. Feel free to disassemble any beds or furniture you see as being a problem yourself. The more prepared you are, the more money you will save.

How should I be packed?

The more prepared you are, the more money you will save. Everything that can go into a box should go into a box. Boxes should be taped on both the top and bottom side and labeled according to their destination (living room, bathroom, bedroom, etc.) If they are fragile or have any sort of special orientation they should also be labeled as such. Any fragile or kitchen items should be wrapped in wrapping paper or bubble wrap. Dresser drawers and all other furniture should be emptied of contents. If you have a box for your TV then great, if not no worries we have moved thousands of them without an issue.

Meta Movers also offers a packing service and will gladly pack all your possessions.

Can my furniture be hoisted?

Sometimes furniture won't fit in a door or up a staircase, but will fit in a window or a balcony. We do hoist if possible. Hoisting requires special equipment, preparation, and often times some extra movers. It can become very difficult and very dangerous. For these reasons please let us know if you think hoisting is necessary for your move. Hoisting will only be performed at the movers discretion.    

Do you move Pianos?

We only move upright pianos from first floor to first floor and at the movers discretion. Usually we leave this type of work for a specialized piano mover who uses special dollies and equipment and can make sure you stay in tune.


We accept cash, certified checks, money order, or credit card. We DO NOT accept personal checks. If paying by credit card a 4% convenience fee will be added.

Do you go to the gym?

Nope. As we are passionate about moving furniture, our passions also lie in the arts. We get quite the workout running stairs and lifting heavy objects all day. So when we are not moving your possessions, your movers take their hard work ethic and apply it to performing, writing music, poetry, literature, fashion design, and producing artwork. Meta Movers provides an alternative to waiting tables and freedom to pursue such endeavors. True Renaissance folks. If you think you have what it takes to become a Meta Mover please contact us.

Movers off of Craigslist are cheaper, why don't I just hire them?

Not the best idea. There are an abundance of illegal moving operations in Pittsburgh. They are likely not experienced, insured, or licensed. They may not be allowed in your apartment or office building. Though working with unlicensed or uninsured movers may save you money short term, in the unfortunate situation where something unforeseen happens, you'll have no way to protect yourself. The other thing to know is that some of the companies that offer really low rates hire cheap day labor to perform the move. This allows them to charge less because they don't pay the help very well.

Do I tip my movers?

It is at your discretion however moving is a service industry and your movers are putting a little extra push to save you time and money.

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